The Bali Breakthrough Experience

The Bali Breakthrough Experience

Here’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, where you will join a select group of leaders invited to participate in this exclusive invitation-only journey of transformation, elite networking and serious fun.

Experience the ultimate combination of cutting edge transformational teachings, exclusive business connections, breathtaking beauty, thrilling adventures, exhilarating travel, and profound growth experiences.

Dear friend,

I believe that if you are reading this, it is no accident. That destiny has brought you to this very moment. I am going to share something with you that may very well be the most important invitation you have received, and a turning point that will transform your life.

This is not for everyone.

But, IF…

You consider yourself a visionary leader, who is committed to making a big impact in the world.

You are filled with spirit of adventure, and seek self-discovery through travel.

You never settle for the status quo, always stretching yourself and are looking for the next level in your personal growth.

You have been to all the seminars, trainings, retreats, and are ready to transform for real, creating radical results and success in your life.

Then read on.

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Over the last decade you may have heard about me through:

My revolutionary Transformational Life Coaching programs, where I have changed the lives of thousands around the world.

Or, The renowned Liberation Experience, where I take high-level visionaries to India on a one-on-one, 24/7, 14-day radical transformational journey. 

Or, My Love NOW Music CD and Video that have inspired people worldwide.

I believe that one of the greatest pains in life is to live a meaningless life. To walk around each day feeling that so much of your potential isn’t fully expressed, and that you are not living your true life’s purpose and destiny. You can have “everything,” but if you don’t know who you truly are, you have nothing.

Reflect for a moment…

Have you achieved great success in the world, but still feel unfulfilled and sense a longing for something more?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of life and end up neglecting your deepest personal needs and desires?

Do you feel deep within your heart, the sense that there is a bigger reason you are here on this planet, and that there is a meaningful contribution for you to make?

Nothing will be different unless you do things differently. It is time for you to step up and be the leader that the world is waiting for.

Are you ready to listen to the calling of your own heart?

Are you ready to live your soul’s Destiny?

Are you ready to live a daring life that is a bold adventure?

My entire life has been dedicated to personal development, spirituality, transformation and assisting people in navigating challenging times. From childhood, I have been assisting people in breaking through limitations and living their true purpose. One of my very first memories, at age 5, was a deep calling to serve humanity. I grew up with a father that many consider a spiritual “Saint” from West Africa. I began speaking in my father’s churches at age 8, designated the successor, and ordained at 14, then by 17 mustered up the courage to walk away from a spiritual organization spanning 300 churches, and over a million members, in order to follow my true calling. This led me on an intense quest to seek lessons, answers, as well as the best information, techniques, and methodologies in transformation and success psychology around the world.

Over the last decade, I have been blessed to travel the world, and work with everyone ranging from billionaires, lawyers, supermodels, bestselling authors, celebrities, doctors, entrepreneurs, to mothers, top sales people, children, and corporations. I have built my reputation based on turning around some of the most challenging cases, as well as creating radical results with my unique brand of “UNCOACHING.”   I have helped thousands go to the next level, and create lives beyond their wildest dreams. Many of America’s most successful consider me their secret weapon.. I have also spoken to audiences in major corporations, and conferences, on 4 continents, from 10 to 10,000 people, sharing a message of love, inspiration, and empowerment.

I invite you to the most original, one-of-a-kind, transformational experience.

Like me, you may have attended many seminars, retreats, and weekend workshops. After years of attending hundreds, I feel that most are the same and don’t really get to the core of the issue. In a typical seminar, you go to one location and you’re stuck in a room taking notes of information. You might shift on an intellectual level, but most likely, this shift is short-lived and doesn’t lead to a profound, long-lasting change. As a result I decided to create a transformational experiential immersion training that was unlike any other on the planet.

It all started about four years ago, when I asked myself the question,

“What could I create that was unlike anything in the field of personal growth and human potential today?”

This inspired me to create the renowned “Liberation Experience,” where three to four times a year I take one client to India for the Mother of all trips—a 14-day, one-on-one, 24/7, nonstop transformational journey diving into the bowels of India—her slums, sacred sites, and streets teaming with mystery. At the airport, I take away my client’s passport and money, leaving him/her with nothing but a backpack, a single change of clothes, and a journal. I hold his/her life in my hands. My clients agree to take this radical leap because, despite attaining much in the physical world, they know something vital is missing—be it self-esteem, a sense of spirit, companionship, or peace. They write their last will and testament, and goodbye letters to their families, just in case—and take the plunge, investing two weeks trusting that I’ll help them discover what they haven’t yet found.

Every journey is one-of-a-kind, because each of us has a unique yearning in our souls, a distinctive contribution. I believe the journey is destined. I create processes and customize an experience that is designed to transform each person from the inside out. Every action is designed to unravel each client’s deepest fears. To break them free. To release them to their right lives. This is a true hero’s journey where the REAL challenge is an inner one, of forgiveness, confronting inner demons, letting go of self-hatred and the scars of the past.

After word of this journey spread around the world and I successfully facilitated 14 people through this radical journey over the last 5 years, I had to turn many people away. As a result, people all around the world have been asking me to create a similar intensive process for a larger group. And I finally felt the time was right to do so.











I was so moved by the beauty of the land and the loving nature of the people, that I was guided to create Boundless Bliss: The Bali Breakthrough Experience.

What is it?” you might ask.

I promise you that this is not a just another seminar, where you sit in a hotel room, take notes, get a bunch of intellectual understanding and information, go home and nothing changes. Information alone is not enough to change your life.

This is not the India Liberation Experience where I take away your passport, and you only have a pair of clothes and a back-pack, this is something different…

Boundless Bliss is a unique 12-day, transformational, experiential, immersion, seminar training without walls, using Bali as the backdrop. This is an intensive participatory experiential immersion journey that will transform your life, unlock your true potential, and catapult you into living the life you were born to live. It will be unlike anything you have ever experienced.

I will be taking you and 18 committed leaders on a thrilling adventure through the heart of Bali, showing you the Bali that most tourists will never see. This is not the Bali experience you will find in a guide-book. I have created and customized a cutting edge journey, tailored to assist you in breaking through old limitations, access your true power, and experience deep bliss and fulfillment in every area of your life.

Imagine living your full potential boldly and loving each moment of your life.

Imagine living your purpose, giving your gifts to the world and leaving a lasting legacy.

Imagine living life in the flow, where your goals, desires, intentions, manifest with grace and ease.

Imagine living a life of true freedom, where you can stand unshakable amidst the chaos of everyday experiences.

Imagine living a life where inspiration flows through you and you create abundance effortlessly.

There comes a point in your life, when who you are seeking to become is bigger than who you currently are. You hear a calling from deep within. A call to greatness, a call to a new life. It is a call to let go of the known and jump into a new realm of what is possible for your life—a life without limits.

I invite you to join me on this once-in-a-lifetime paradigm altering journey, Boundless Bliss: The Bali Breakthrough Experience. You will simply know that this journey is for you. The journey will call you from deep within your own heart. All that will be left for you to do is answer the call.


Will You Answer the Call?

Now that you have read this, and you know that you are ready, the next step is to apply.
Since space is limited, there is an interview process that you must go through
in order to be accepted on this journey.


Kute Blackson

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